Corporate and Fund Services

Our dedicated and experienced team will provide a one-stop-shop service for fund and corporate administration.

Our Corporate and Fund services include:

  • Structuring, establishing and administration of Mauritius entities, including, 
  • Category 1 Global Business Company licence (GBC 1), Category 2 Global 
  • Business Company licence (GBC 2), international trading companies, global funds, protected cell companies, limited partnerships
  • Provision of tax advice and corporate structuring solutions
  • Corporate and fund administration including accounting services and maintaining of statutory records 
  • Assistance in preparing and filing tax returns
  • Opening and maintaining bank accounts Company secretarial services
  • Directorship services
  • Provision of nominee shareholder
  • Provision of registered office, including HR, IT, payroll and other services
  • Compliance services
  • Listing on Stock Exchange of Mauritius
  • Trading platform. Mauritius can be used for placing trade orders for securities, trading purposes and as a platform for settlement 
  • FATCA compliance services including registration, due diligence and reporting
  • Provision of services relating to occupation/residence permits for expatriates
  • Calculation of Net Asset Value
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